Posted by: missouriugr | June 10, 2007

Welcome Dinner Recap

It was great to finally meet many of you from other institutions and welcome you to MU this summer! Our staff and Drs. Maruniak, Kyger, Lever and Schultz are delighted to finally have you here and welcome you at our dinner on Saturday night (photos….)

I drove to St. Louis on Friday afternoon with Laura Engel and Mark Wolf to pick up our five Korean students from the airport. We stopped at Cracker Barrel for dinner on the way back. (We thought it would be a good introduction to “American Country Cookin'” for the students!) Seem that Macaroni and Cheese was NOT a big seller; however, Min-Soo really seemed to like the applesauce. Min-Soo worked at a Popeye’s restaurant in Korea, so he was already familiar with biscuts. We’ve posted some photos of our dinner at Cracker Barrel on this site. Please join me in welcoming Min-Soo, Jun-Ho (Julian), Eugene, Eun-Gyeong, and Kwang-Hyun to America!

Crista Parker had the Saturday airport trip and managed to return with everyone except Kristin Wright (who caught a MoX shuttle later on!) Only two suitcases were lost…which is pretty good considering the crowd we had. From what I hear, there wasn’t room in the van for Trumayn’s suitcases anyway!!!

Jessica Omoile said that check-in at the College Avenue Residence Hall went really smoothly, so cheers to MU’s Residential Life Staff!

Welcome and let the fun begin!


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