Posted by: missouriugr | June 12, 2007

Checking out laptops at MU

If you don’t have access to a desktop or laptop computer and want access to the internet away from campus or the computer labs there are a couple of options on campus.

MU Libraries: Allow checkout of wireless Gateway branded laptops for a two hour period but they must be used in the library. A charge of $2/hour will be added to your account for each hour over the 2 hour limit (the Office of Undergraduate Research will not pay for this charge)

Cornell Hall: The business school on campus offers a two hour check out of wireless laptops but they can only be used in Cornell Hall (it is the building on the corner of campus near Greek town and Stankowski Field off of Rollins Rd.)

Memorial Union: Same deal as previously- 2 hour check out, can only be used in Memorial Union BUT this location is very central and large and allows a lot of room to move around as well as a large cafe for you to work in so his could be an ideal option if the Library or Cornell Hall don’t work. There are a lot of other places on campus to check out laptops- almost every building has them available but I could find none that let you be “mobile” outside of their building.

Doing some research online I came across a company that offers laptop renting but I don’t know anything about them so do your research first!

Instant Laptop Rental: The student deal includes a one month rental charge of $129. They ship you the laptop the next day and say the following: “Instant Laptop Rental understands the financial demands on today’s student. To ease the continuous tuition hikes and unbelievable student fees, Instant Laptop Rental offers a cost effective way for students to stay ahead. We have designed a package rate for those tough deadlines and tight budgets. With the lowest prices imaginable, students have an easy and cheap way to acquire a laptop for school use.”

There could be other resources available locally but I don’t know any at the moment. If anyone knows of laptop renting places in Columbia help us out by posting a comment!


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