Posted by: muugrscholars | June 16, 2007

How to have the best summer as an MU UGR Scholar?

Amy Replogle, 2004 MU Summer Undergraduate Research Scholar (Undergraduate Institution: University of Puget Sound in Tacoma, WA, currently in her 2nd year at MU as a PhD Student in the Division of Plant Sciences working with Melissa G. Mitchum on the molecular characterization of the plant-nematode interaction)

“Take time to get to know the other interns, some of them will become your friends for life! One of the interns I was friends with became my roommate in grad school.”

“Keep in mind your mentor this summer will become a valuable resource for recommendation letters, or even as a potential employer. I worked for my mentor as a lab technician for a year after I graduated before I decided I wanted to pursue grad school.”

“If you’re interested in attending grad school now is a great time to ask questions. Ask your mentor what they look for in a student, as the other grad students what it was like to apply, and ask the post docs what it was like after they got their degree.”

Teresa Jackson, 2004 MU Summer Undergraduate Research Scholar (Undergraduate Institution: Xavier University of Louisiana, Currently a 2nd year graduate student in Medical Pharmacology and Physiology at MU working with Dr. Gerald Meininger studying the role of cadherin in the microvasculature)

“Take the time to really understand your research project e.g. why is this important, what gap will it fill in your research area, etc. This will help you when you present your poster at the end of the summer or at other conferences.”

“Take the time to explore Mizzou, Columbia, and Mid-Missouri. There are numerous activities that you can get involved in: wine tasting, Twilight Festival (every Thursday in June), shopping outlets (Osage Beach), etc.”

“Take the time to get to know the other interns. You can make lifetime friendships with others from different states, universities/colleges, etc.”

William Alexander, 2003 Summer Undergraduate Research Scholar (Undergraduate Institution: Truman State University, Currently a third year graduate student at MU in Biological Sciences, working with Dr. Patrick Shiu on Meiotic Silencing Through Unpaired DNA in Neurospora crassa)

“Talk to people! Some of these people will become your colleagues eventually, so get along and make friends! You never know when such contacts will pay off in the long run.”

“Don’t overwork yourself. Some labs may try to squeeze every last drop of work out of you. Don’t be afraid to tell your PI or whoever that you’re feeling overloaded. On the flipside, don’t be too lazy either; this is a golden opportunity to learn some skills that you won’t find anywhere else in your college education.”

“Enjoy CoMo! This small city is a hell of a lot of fun, so grab a group of fellow interns and go do something at night!”


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