Posted by: muugrscholars | June 18, 2007

Week 1 Recap: Blair Meister (MUURS intern)

“This week I mainly worked on legal background regarding visas and immigration procedure. It was my first time using the MU Law library, and I found that the staff there is very helpful. I met with my mentor on Tuesday and she was really excited and helpful. She told me that she would like to continue working on this project with me into the school year, which is really exciting for me. I started looking through case files at the organization I’m working with to identify potential clients for interview.
I’m hoping to interview around twenty women for my project and familiarize myself with immigration law pertaining to marriage and domestic abuse. My project is ” Exploring US Legislation and Available Missouri Resources for Immigrant Women Experiencing Domestic Abuse”. I am interviewing immigrant women legal and illegal who have experienced domestic abuse by an American husband, who usually holds the threat of deportation over the woman to keep her from seeking help. I am looking at immigration law and procedure in order to determine how valid this threat actually is, in an effort to create litterature in multiple languages that informs immigrants of their rights.
I decided to participate in the MU program this summer because my major does not really have a department, international studies, so I needed a program that would allow me to work with a mentor outside of my college. I also really liked that the program offered opportunities for social events and weekly lunches.”

Blair Meister, MU student
Mentor: Dr. Lynette Renner, Assistant Professor, MU School of Social Work


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