Posted by: muugrmentors | June 18, 2007

Week 1 Recap: Dr. Douglas Moesel (MUURS Mentor)


From left to right:
Sue Yun (Diversity Coordinator and Academic Advisor for MU College of Business); Dougals Moesel (Associate Professor of Management, MU College of Business); Alan Skouby (Adjunct Assistant Professor of Management, MU College of Business); Jesus Santiago (UG Research Scholar and Senior in MU College of Business); Cheryl D.S. Walker (Vice Chair of Board of Curators for University of Missouri)

“This first week was a productive one for Jesus Santiago, the senior whose research I am mentoring. He traveled with me to the St. Louis Minority Business Council’s Business Opportunity Fair through the generosity of Enterprise Rent-A-Car who paid our registration costs. He was able to make contact with a number of minority business owners who were promoting their businesses in the exhibit hall. Jesus met a number of outstanding entrepreneurs who expressed willingness to help him understand the challenges facing minority entrepreneurs as they launch their business and manage these businesses through the crucial early years when so many businesses fail. We are expecting several of these founders to complete the ten minute research survey that Jesus has prepared.
My goal for the summer in working with Jesus is that he can come to appreciate the importance of carefully understanding and applying theory to improve the practice of business management and the educational development of new entrepreneurs. I want him to understadn that research also holds interesting surprises that invite further research inquiry.
My advice for the young researchers this summer is to read deeply in the area of research in which you are engaged and get to know scholars who are working in the same specialty area. This will help you better appreciate the rich conversations and arguments that are the basis for the advancement of our knowledge. By coming to understand the great ideas of others you can better start to discover your own voice in these important communications.”

Dr. Douglas Moesel
Associate Professor of Management, MU College of Business


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