Posted by: muugrscholars | June 18, 2007

Week 1 Recap: Jesus Santiago (MUURS Intern)

“My first week was very exciting because of all the people I met – everyone seemed really glad to be in the program. This week my mentor and I hit the ground running on our research. We met on Tuesday for a trip to St. Charles, MO for the 22nd Annual Business Opportunity Fair. My mentor and I attended this event to make contacts in the St. Louis area with small business owner. We also wanted to have as many of the business owners as we could fill out an online survey I’m using as part of my research this summer. Overall the trip was good and we met and spoke to many minority business owners in the St. Louis area. This week I also spent time contacting business owners we met at the business fair as well as those we did not get a chance to speak with. I enjoyed working with my mentor he was very helpful and introduced me to many of the businesses we met.
My goals for the summer research are to become a better researcher and a better presenter. I want to have quality research that is interesting to present at the end of this program and hopefully be able to publish. ”

Jesus Santiago, MU senior
Mentor: Dr. Douglas Moesel Associate Professor of Management, MU College of Business
Research topic: Small Business Owners on Entrepreneurial Ability and Business Relations


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