Posted by: parkerc | June 20, 2007

UGR Spades Tournament!- CANCELLED



Think you are good at card games?? We DARE you to enter this UGR Spades challenge! In the month of July, we are hosting an undergraduate researcher spades tournament in search of the best spade playin’ pair of faculty/students. Faculty and lab members are welcome to participate!

Here’s how it works:

  • A team consists of two students that remains consistent throughout the tournament. (no switching partners!!)
  • Each team will be entered into a round-robin tournament in search of one pair of winners.
  • The winning pair of students will be awarded a prize (to be determined), but it will be worth your while!

Read more about what Spades is (rules and how to play)


Find a partner and sign up NOW! You can enter one of three ways: send Crista Parker an email at, sign up on the bulletin board outside of 150 LSC, or write a comment to this post with your names and others can see who will be participating! More specific details on when and where will be provided soon! Don’t hesitate…sign up NOW and take the UGR Spades Challenge.

Sign-up ends June 28th at 4:00pm!!



  1. Participants so far:
    Parker Kessler and Andy Halstead
    Jacqlyn Massey and Antionette Gray
    Tamala Carey

    Any others dare to take these players on??

  2. I am in but I need a GOOD partner cause I am the bomb digg-a-de!

  3. I’ll be there but someone needs to teach me how to play (maybe I’m not the best choice for someone who wants to win! 🙂

  4. Hey I am glad we are doing the Poker tournament instead. I think that will be really fun.

  5. i’ll play for money

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