Posted by: missouriugr | June 25, 2007

Tutorial: Comments

This blog is set up to allow its readers the ability to comment on posts, interact with others comments and provide feedback if you choose. Think of comments like email forwards- when someone forwards you an email about an event they attended

To write a comment on a post follow step by step instructions below with photos and a video to help.

1) Go to and read the new posts
Ugrcomments 1

2) Scroll through the articles until you reach something that either asks for a response or you have something to contribute to. We’re using the UGR Spades Tournament in this tutorial
Ugrcomments 2

3) You can reach the comment section by either clicking on the headline of the post OR scrolling to the bottom of the post and clicking ‘comments’ (it will have ‘no,’ 1, 2, 3, etc. in front of it)
Ugrcomments 3

4) You will be sent to the comments portion of the post on the post’s page (each post has its own address for future reference that you can get to by clicking on the headlines)
Ugrcomments 4
You can see comments that have been made to that post and the box below to make your own comment. There is a place to put your name, email address, website if you have one and your comment

5) Type your comment.
Ugrcomments 5

Couple of things to keep in mind about commenting.

  • Name and email address are asked just to personalize your post. YOUR EMAIL ADDRESS IS NOT LISTED TO THE SITE WITH YOUR POST.
  • Comments of an offensive nature will be removed immediately and not tolerated. We are not currently monitoring posts and would like to keep it that way but if things get out of hand we will have to in the future. Just be responsible and act like adults
  • ‘Anonymous’ comments are perfectly fine! If you wish to make an anonymous comment I suggest you write your name as ‘Anonymous’ and make a fake email address such as If you have something to say that others would find helpful about the program, an event, trouble you’re having with your research or your mentor- that is partly what this blog is for- let others who have probably been in your shoes help you. We want everyone to feel like they can speak freely so please use anonymous if you would feel more comfortable.
  • Including links- links are fine but you should know that more than two links will get your comment flagged for approval.
  • Comment on other people’s comments…if someone responds to a post and you have something to say about the response- go ahead!

Click ‘Submit’ when you have finished your comment

6) After you have clicked ‘Submit’ you will see your comment under the ‘Recent’ Comments sidebar on the left as well as underneath the last comment posted.
Ugrcomments 6

That’s it, you’re done!


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