Posted by: missouriugr | June 26, 2007

In The News: June 26, 2007

ScienceDaily: New Way To Build Nanodevices In The Lab: Electron Beam ‘Carves’ The World’s Smallest Devices: Physicists are using transmission electron beam ablation lithography, or TEBAL, to craft some of the tiniest metal nanostructures ever created, none larger than 10 nanometers, or 10,000 times smaller than the width of a single human hair.

ScienceDaily: New Medicines For Dogs And Cats May End Up Helping Humans: The pharmaceutical industry is going to the dogs — and the cats — as people in the United States and other countries devote more income to keeping beloved pets healthy and comfortable, according to a recent article. Just as drug companies are shifting some human health focus to geriatric medications, their animal health divisions are working on products to treat cancer, heart disease and other age-related conditions in companion animals.

NPR : First-Born Smarter Than Their Siblings? We’ll See: After Norwegian scientists released a study concluding that firstborn brothers are smarter than younger ones, reporter Fred Kight of Ohio University Public Radio-Television News in Athens, Ohio, set out to conduct his own survey of men with brothers to see if that jibes with reality. Listen to podcast
NPR : Study: Human Ancestors Walked Upright Early: When our human ancestors first descended from the trees, they scurried around on all fours before eventually learning to walk upright. Or did they? A report in the journal Science argues orangutans actually learned to walk upright while they were still living in trees.

The Kansas City Star | 06/25/2007 | Decline of birds startles experts: Are meadowlarks in the meadows now our canaries in the coal mines?

Frog molecule could provide drug treatment for brain tumors: A synthetic version of a molecule found in the egg cells of the Northern Leopard frog (Rana pipiens) could provide the world with the first drug treatment for brain tumors.

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  1. And because it is all over CNN it should be noted that Paris Hilton has been released from prison…such a great day, isn’t it!! 🙂

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