Posted by: missouriugr | June 28, 2007

“Doing some tweaking” | John Gardner (LSUROP Intern)

“My mentor and I are discovering that my proposed project is taking much longer than expected, therefore we have tweaked and changed the project several times to something that can produce meaningful results in a shorter time frame. Working with Dr. Peck and the post-doc in the lab has taught me as much as any class. It is difficult at first reading journals and papers, but after so much exposure you start to understand and that is a great feeling.

When I am not working I enjoy playing sand volleyball or Frisbee at stankowski and lighting off fireworks (the best and cheapest fireworks are Bob’s fireworks 8.5 minutes south on Providence, look for the yellow tent on the left). And you know all those summer welcome leaders walking around campus? They perform a hilarious hour of skits Sunday-Thursday at 8:00 PM in Jesse auditorium (7:30 if you want some free Shakes ice cream).”

John Gardner, MU Junior
Major: Biology
Mentor: Dr. Scott Peck
Research Area: Proteomics


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