Posted by: missouriugr | June 28, 2007

“Making good progress” | Mallory E. Heaton (LSUROP Intern)

“Thus far in my research, I am actually getting quite a bit of things accomplished. I have been able to go over papers that pertain to my project with my mentor in our “journal club” and have also been able to talk with him about things that are in my area of study but not actually what my project is on. Outside of my research, I have finally convinced my roommate to start swimming with me at the pool. I love to lap swim but get bored if I’m by myself. She runs all the time and so we compromise and she comes with me now. Lots of fun!

Currently, I’m writing this post as I’m waiting for my radioimmunoassay to incubate. That will be a great accomplishment if it comes out correctly! [A big part of my research] This next week I plan on getting ready for the American Society for Animal Science meetings that I’m attending July 8-July 11th in San Antonio, Texas. I am presenting my previous work as well as any new information I gain during this week’s assay. Once again, I hope it works out. I also have to make revisions on my poster and print a new one to take with us.

Being a researcher here on campus during the summer is different than doing research during the year because I have a little more flexibility of when I can do experiments. I do not have to worry about classes and I do not have to make time for homework like I do during the school year. I am however trying to plan for my wedding in this upcoming December so that is actually taking place of my homework time, but not having to go to class is great. Who likes class anyway if it doesn’t pertain to something you enjoy learning about?

Mallory E. Heaton, MU Senior
Major: Animal Science
Mentor: Dr. M.F. Smith
Research topic: Persistent follicles in beef cows


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