Posted by: missouriugr | June 28, 2007

“Non-Stop Research” | Matt Boone (LSUROP intern)

“My research experience has probably been different from most other interns because I was already working in my lab before this summer. Because of this, I was able to jump right in and get started on my research project, while almost everyone else has just been learning about their project. I had already prepared my protocols, obtained materials, and formulated a research plan for what will happen in my project, allowing me to have a head start on most people. This last week I ran a Western Blot on treatment and control arterioles and checked it for the expression of several MMPs, α-actin and β-actin.

So far this summer, I think my research is progressing pretty well, although I need to add some more variables to the experiment to substantiate my results. One thing that I do really like about this internship is that I have a lot more time than I did during the school year. I have been able to get a lot more accomplished by being able to work all day, without worrying about classes and other activities. Also being in Columbia without the pressure of having schoolwork has been a lot of fun. With no homework/studying to do in the evenings, I have been able to spend a lot more time with my friends and doing other activities I enjoy. Overall, it’s been a great experience!”

Matt Boone, MU Junior
Mentor: Dr. Luis Martinez-Lemus
Research Area: Medical Pharmacology- Expression of MMP enzymes in treated cremaster arterioles.



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