Posted by: missouriugr | July 11, 2007

A Note About Email Quotas on MU Email Accounts

Have you ever received an email similar to the one below?

“Your mailbox has exceeded one or more size limits set by your administrator.
Your mailbox size is [fill in large number here]”

If you have you are not alone. Most people are not aware that MU has not quite caught up with the times in terms of providing large email file accounts for students. The current quota for MU students email account size is 40MB. When your account reaches 40MB you will receive a notice similar to the one above. at 45MB you will no longer be able to send email and at 50MB you cannot receive email until you clean out your account. Many faculty need to be aware of this because students’ emails are much smaller than their own so cannot be treated the same as a fellow faculty member Faculty have a limit of 300MB before receiving the email above, 350MB before not being able to send email and 400MB before all email is restricted until they clean out their account.

To clear up what this means, if you send photos, powerpoint presentation, Microsoft Publisher files, Word documents with lots of photos imbedded, spreadsheets with heavy data or videos to a students (or faculty member’s) larger than 1MB in file size you are contributing to increase in account size which could restrict them from sending email until they take action on their account.

There are a couple of ways to work around this. 1) Send smaller file sizes or 2) make sure you take the steps to move your email to storage on your computer or 3) use a free mass email account such as Gmail, Yahoo or AOL to send large media files (account sizes upwards of 2GB)

1. Send smaller file sizes
If you have photos you want to share with others about events, trips, etc. that you took on a digital camera most likely the file size is pretty large. You can check by right clicking (or control+click on a mac) to see the file’s properties. If it was taken on the largest setting it is probably close to 1.5-2MB (this is too large). An email you send to someone, in general should not be larger than 2MB TOTAL no matter their email address. Programs like Adobe Photoshop can help you reduce photo file sizes. There are other programs available though which you should research OR do what we do at the UGR office and set up a Flickr Account where you can upload all your photos and make them available for others to download to their computer.

On Microsoft Applications such as those Powerpoint slides you design your posters on, there is a handy trip for saving out your slide(s) to Jpeg. View a tutorial here

If you want to share other files, consider a account. You can get free storage up to 1GB and 5GB for just a couple of bucks each month and can access it ANYWHERE you have an internet connection. Use this for larger files or similar options such as .mac or you can even use a Gmail account for storage.

2. If you are using Entourage (Mac) or Microsoft Outlook (Win) on your laptop or desktop computer, moving files from your Mizzou account to your computer is relatively easy. MU has provided some Tips to manage your email

3. With all the free email storage out there, establishing an email address for personal use is not only easy it is a MUST. Even if you don’t use it, in an emergency when you have to send an email to someone, your account has reached its limit and you don’t have time to clean it out, having a backup account is great. That and, if you’re like me, you don’t want to use your email account to sign up for newsletters or websites online or want a separate email address for family, friends, etc. I use Gmail for storage often (and have maybe 7 accounts for this purpose alone. They are all free so why not?!?

Bottom line, please don’t flood other people’s email inboxes with large files (ESPECIALLY STUDENTS). If you must send a large file try to reduce the file size or host it online with an account from Flickr, YouTube or



  1. missouriugr,
    We are happy that you mentioned in your blog, and would be happy to help you and other students get around the ‘large file’ transfer barrier…thanks for using Box. Love that you have the widget on your blog, too!!

  2. Sending large files via email has always been a problem. With file size and attachment needs growing out of control it has become a real challenge. FTP solutions work but can be slow and not very user friendly, you need a replacement. This is where we come in to send a file!! You can email large files and share large files (2000MB) free with!!!

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