Posted by: missouriugr | July 11, 2007

UMEB Field trip Recap | July 5, 2007 (Part 2)

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On July 5th scholars from the Undergraduate Mentoring in Environmental Biology(UMEB) traveled to St. Louis to visit the Tyson Research facility and the Botanical Gardens. UMEB Scholar Antionette Gray and her faculty mentor Dr. Chris Pires explored the natural beauty of the St. Louis Botanical Gardens. Antionette is doing research on the “Resloution of Phylogenetic Patterns within Monocots” in the Pires lab and at the MU Research Park greenhouse. The Botanical Gardens visit provided an opportunity for all the students to learn more about tropical plants and the environment around them. The president of the gardens, Peter Ravens, welcomed the students personally and as a UMEB partner will have a continued relationship with our students for the entire 14-month duration of the program.



  1. Gosh, I can not explain in words how beneficial the UMEB program has been thus far. I commend Dr. Charlie, Dr. Candi, Dr. Linda, and Ms. Alisa, and the rest of the Undergraduate Office of Research for their continued efforts to ensure that the first year of this program is a success. The research experience that I have acquired (along with the friendships I have made) will surely stand the test of time. XOXO

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