Posted by: missouriugr | July 17, 2007

Information about Abstract Submissions

In preparation for submitting your abstracts there are a few things to keep in mind. For starters, the deadline to submit your abstracts is Wednesday, July 25th at 4:00 pm. On the undergraduate research website there is an abstract submission form that you need to fill out which will give us the information to produce the abstract book that is handed out at the Forum. With over 120 interns, we MUST have your abstract on time to be included in the book.

We would GREATLY appreciate having your abstracts on Monday, July 23rd & Tuesday, July 24th, if at all possible to allow for extra time for formatting of the book.

There is an Abstracts and Poster’s form available to help you input this information. Do NOT wait until the last minute to READ this information. If you have italics, subscripts or Greek letters in your abstract, you will need to use special commands in the TITLE and the TEXT of your abstract. You can view and print these commands using this web resource. All questions can be directed to our website or you can post a comment to this blog post.


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