Posted by: muugrscholars | July 18, 2007

Josh Wisdom | collecting salamanders in N. Carolina (with video)

Howdy, I’m in North Carolina in the Appalachians collecting salamanders. I’m looking at how logging affects salamanders that live in and around streams. So I go to streams that have had timber harvested off of both sides of them, and catch salamanders. After I catch them, I weigh, measure and preserve them (salamander pickles) so when I get back to missouri I can cut them open and really look at how well they were doing. How much fat was in their bodies and stomach contents etc.


Its been pretty nice, even the “hot days” arent that hot. And its been down to 55 at night a few times. Right now I’m at 4118 feet of eleveation and depending on where I’m working that day, I can go up or down 1,000 feet.

Joshwisdom2 Joshwisdom3-Web

The worst part is all the night work I’ve done, and the occational copperhead or rattlesnake I happen to come across while I’m crawling around the forest. But I wouldnt have it any other way.
I do have a video of me “fishing” for salamanders on youtube. View it below

Josh Wisdom, MU Junior
Department of Fish and Wildlife, LSUROP intern
Mentor: Dr. Ray Semlitsch Biology



  1. Hi,

    yesterday I found a dark salamander in the basement of my grandparents house in Odessa, Mo
    I just wondered if there is a common dark colored salmander in Mo? It seems to have some tiny silver or whitish silver flecks on it’s side and underside.
    I put it in a bowl with some rainwater and a rock it can climb up on. I put some bugs in the bowl but so far it hasn’t wanted to eat the bugs. Please let me know what you think.


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