Posted by: parkerc | July 31, 2007

PGI Field Trip Recap: June 29

On June 29th the PGI and UMEB scholars visited the Washington University Genome Sequencing Lab and Monsaimg_1397.jpgnto Research Facility in St. Louis. Dr. Chris Pires, Dr. Karen Cone, and Alisa Warren chaperoned a group of 25 students touring these facilities and observing actual research labs. At the Genome Sequencing Lab, the group saw large-scale diagrams of the growth and development of the research as well as the forecast for future growth in this area of research. There was an incredible collection of high-powered equipment that has made it possible to analyze genes faster than ever before. The information garnered through this project will aid maize biologists and breeders in tracking the mixing of genes in genomes that are offspring of 2 differing strains or species (cultivars) that have been crossbred to allow for combination of advantageous traits.

At Monsanto, the students toured one of the world’s largest facilities devoted to plant biotechnology. In 250 laboratories, over 100 plant growth chambers and 2 acres of greenhouse space, top researchers from around the world are working to help achieve sustainable agriculture and to help make possible the vision of abundant food in a healthy environment. The group also enjoyed lunch, listened to a talk by actual researchers and received really cool goggles that they actually got to keep–Antoinette Gray got the coolest goggles!


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