Posted by: missouriugr | August 7, 2007

How to Download Photos from Flickr

Anyone interested in downloading a photo that we have taken during the summer events, the Forums or anything else you have seen in our Flickr account can learn how in the following few simple steps.

1) Head over to our flickr account at
2) Select the photo you want to download by clicking on it
3) Above the photo you’ll see a magnifying glass that reads ‘All Sizes’- click it
4) Select which size you want to download (suggestion, if you want to download a file to email to others choose something SMALLER than the Large size- i.e. Medium to Square size only for emailing) If you want a file to keep, choose the Original size because down the road if you feel the need to print a large photo for whatever reason, this is the one you’ll want
5) Click the download button after you have selected your desire size and you’ll have it!

Enjoy and share. If you want people to view all of the photos from the summer, please send them the flickr link to all of the photos



  1. Another great tool for downloading photos from Flickr is Flishr.
    You may also use Flishr to upload photos to Flickr. It is multithreaded application, Free and fast. I do recommend all flickr lovers to download Flishr and use it for downloading and uploading stuff…Among 50 different tools I have tested, Flishr is the best.
    The address is:
    Don’t forget that you should have .NET Frameworkd 2.0+ installed before you install Flishr on your windows. You must also Authorize Flishr to connect to your Flickr account to work properly.

    • Hi Trying to download complete sets of photos from Flickr. this Flishr sounds perfect- but the website is wrong??? Can you help?


  2. Does someone knows how can I download “All Rights Reserved” pics from ?
    I know you “can not ” do that but I am sure there is a way to do it. Please ??

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