Posted by: meyerj | January 14, 2008

Learn about undergrad research projects!

The Center for eResearch is pleased to announce its newest  SyndicateMizzou feature. “Young Minds Performing Research” highlights the research of  twelve undergraduate students, who were interviewed at the Undergraduate Research and Creative Achievements Forum, held in July of 2007, where 120 MU students specializing in an array of concentrations were stationed at posters.  Watch the students describe their research projects, and hear Linda Blockus, director of the Office of Undergraduate Research, speak of the  importance of supporting undergraduate research opportunities at MU.

SyndicateMizzou is a web-based resource for information on research and creative  activity at the University of Missouri-Columbia. As an electronic hub for news  from all areas of the MU campus, it aims to serve a variety of audiences: citizens of Missouri, prospective undergraduate and graduate students, alumni and alumna, legislators and other governmental officials, and national and international colleagues and institutions.

We hope you will enjoy learning about the research being done by undergraduate students at MU!


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