Posted by: missouriugr | June 5, 2008

Working for the weekend

Hey folks, if you’re looking for some sweet weekend activities, here are two things you might want to consider:

*The Ragtag Cinema Cafe is a fantastic independent movie theatre located downtown right by Hitt Street and Broadway. It got a brief shout-out in the first newsletter but we thought it deserved some more attention. The new location also features Uprise Bakery within the theatre, where you can get delicious sandwiches and drinks, and Ninth Street Video (which used to be on Ninth Street and is still called that in its new location).

The movies these days look pretty solid. I saw The Visitor there last night, which is still playing there next week, and Young at Heart is a documentary playing there through Tuesday. That’s about some old folks rocking out to great music and Christine Ireland from the OUGR office recommends it. Ninth Street Video would be nice if you’re feeling like some Stanley Kubrick or The Third Man or Fellini. Columbia has stressed indie movies in recent years and holds a documentary film festival in February (the “True/False Film Fest”). Check it out!

*Art in the Park is a fun Columbia thing you can also check out before the Ragtag if you’d like. Look over the website and see what you think.



  1. Thanks so much for the shoutout, but I gotta correct you on one thing. True/False is not the only all-documentary film festival in the country. There are more than a handful of other great ones scattered about. And, for that matter, we actually pride ourselves on not necessarily being an all documentary festival but one that welcomes hybrid projects and work that veers towards fiction.

    Hope to see you at next year’s fest!

    (T/F co-founder)

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