Posted by: missouriugr | June 25, 2008

One word: plastics

Dr. Fred vom Saal of Biological Sciences will be speaking at the July 1st seminar and it is strongly encouraged you attend. He earned his Ph.D from Rutgers University in 1976.

His research has revealed problems with the man-made chemcal called Bisphenol-A, BPA, used in polycarbonate products, including hard plastic baby bottles. According to the College of Arts and Science’s Research Communication Project’s website, Dr. vom Saal “said recent studies have shown BPA is extremely harmful in very low doses. The chemical acts like the female hormone estrogen and interferes with the body’s natural processes.”

“The science is clear and the findings are not just scary, they are horrific, vom Saal said in the RCP article. “When yoou feed a baby out of a clear, hard plastic bottle, it’s like giving the baby a birth control pill.”
He has spoken before California Assembly Committee on Environmental Safety and Toxic Materials and worked to raise awareness of the issue. He stresses that the plastic needs to be replaced with “safer materials.” The article mentions that more than 6.4 billion pounds of BPA is manufactured every year by 15 corporations.


Riverfront Times Article on him from St. Louis

Fox News article

PBS Interview

Another PBS piece on Bill Moyers’ program

The Washington Post

Columbia Tribune articles from 2007 and then another and one from 2005



  1. Great article!
    Here’s more reading on Bisphenol a, specifically.
    We can’t afford to not educate ourselves.

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