Posted by: missouriugr | July 2, 2008

Communicating Passion

For many students, talking and presenting their research poses some difficulty. Maybe you’re the best person ever in the lab, but if you can’t talk that up with professionals or in a graduate school committee or the media, you might be in trouble.

Bill Allen will be giving two presentations addressing the topic of science communication:

Thursday, July 3rd A Career of Science Writing

Monday, July 7th Staying Professional In Science Communications

Both these seminars will take place in Monsanto Auditorium in LSC at 6 pm. His presentations will focus on how to write at a level that targets your audience, on how to reach the lay public and communicate your research work in both casual and professional or graduate school interview settings. You’ll learn about what Bill calls the “one-minute wow” and “the elevator talk.” He served for 25 years as a journalist and joined the University of Missouri faculty in 2004 as part of the agricultural journalism program, which he now leads. Among other reporting jobs, he served as a science, environment, and medical reporter at the St. Louis Post-Dispatch from 1989-2002.

Here’s some readings he wants you to check out before his Thursday lecture:

Baby Teeth

Galapagos Birds

Gros Profile

Waclip Laber

West Nile Research

Bill Allen also wants you to check out these sweet readings before his Monday presentation:

Scilit Techrev

Bioscience Communication



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