In addition to communicating with others on this blog you are welcome to take your conversations and experiences to a few other sites geared towards social interactions. If you have suggestions for other means of communicating with one another please drop us an email

  • MU UGR Summer 2007 Flickr Photo Group:
    • We have created a Flickr Group that is available for students and faculty to join and share their photos throughout the summer. Through Flickr photos are also available for download so even if you don’t have photos to upload you can check out others photos and pick up ones that include you In order to comment you will need to sign up to get a flickr ID but you are free to download photos without signing up. *Please keep all photos and comments appropriate for public viewing. Also, If you have taken photos but do not have access to a computer to upload them we will be happy to do that for you if you want to come by our office in 150 Bond Life Sciences Center.
  • MU UGR Facebook group
    • If you are a Facebook user and a student you are welcome to join our Facebook group!
  • 30 Boxes
    • Our calendar is hosted on a site called There are many features to this site which we have yet to explore but will find ways to utilize in the blog as well as Facebook. For now you will be able to access the Calendar, print out daily or weekly calendar schedules and subscribe to the calendar on pages like Google, Yahoo, ical, etc. When we add more features we’ll let you know!

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