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New to research? New to Columbia, MO? Or do you do you just want additional information? Check out the ‘resources’ category on the left. Also, please view our MU Undergraduate Research Website or the University of Missouri-Columbia homepage for more information about Mizzou and undergraduate research.

This page will be dedicated to helping you with questions regarding the blog itself such as terminology and tutorials for different items. When new things are posted we will include a blog post to direct you to it. If you have additional questions please send us an email via our contact page.
What is RSS?

RSS stands for “Really Simple Syndication.” An RSS feed is a channel of content most commonly from a blog such as this or a website with RSS functionality including videos and photo. Sites enabled for RSS have an rss icon that looks like this: RSS Icon

When the icon is clicked you are given the option to pick your preferred application to receive channel feeds. Below are a few free options for receiving RSS feeds. If you find an application that suits your needs better please share it on a comment so other readers can explore additional options. Wikipedia on RSS Feeds

Online RSS Readers:

  • Google Reader
  • Newsgator
  • Yahoo
  • Bloglines

This blog is enabled for RSS feeds in many of its pages.If you wish to subscribe to any of these click on their appropriate links below or within each page as you visit them


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